Why You Will Choose Us?

FAIR HAVEN is a pioneer in applying up-to-date evidence based treatment models for drug addiction treatment in Dhaka. Our Services are also provided by doctors, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists along with experienced certified addiction professionals

Medical Support

Experienced doctors for Withdrawal Management

Group Sessions

Our Certified Professeionals are engaged in Group Sessions and Therapies

Individual Couseling

One to One Counseling Sessions with Clinical Psychologists and Professional Counselors

Religious Views

We have a Mawlana to guide the patients to religious path


We got Games and Library to provide recreation along with TV and Motivating Movies

Professional program Team

Our addiction professionals are certified and experienced

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Our Drug Addiction Treatment Phase

Drug addiction Treatment is a long process and should be taken care of for a long time. Though we plan it individualy for each client, Following is a representation of different phases of our Drug Addiction Treatment Process

Primary Phases of Residential Treatment:
    Case Analysis
    Primary Treatment Plan
    Detoxification and Orientation to Core Treatment


Core Treatment:
    Therapeutic Community
    Health Checkup Learning Sessions
    Prayer and Meditation


Preparing the client to start their recovery journey- The last Phase of Residential Treatment Phase


After Care: This is the most important part to maintain a drug free clean life. It usually lasts for a year or so, in this phase a recovering addict concentrates on the problems he's facing in his recovery journey, we help them overcome those obsatacles, and the great part is, it is fully free of charges


Useful reading before entering Drug Addiction Treatment in Dhaka

The latest study on different drug addiction treatment centers in Dhaka within 18 months timeframe (April 2018-Dec 2019) shows that 53% of the drug addicts receiving treatment lived their lives by abuse drugs before treatment, surprisingly 46% of these people lives clean & sober after treatment. These people were at the middle stage of their addiction. 19% drug addicts come to treatment in their early stage of addiction. In the late stage of addiction above 30% of people lived clean.

The average cost in purchasing drugs per person were from BDT 200 to BDT 500 per day or from BDT73000 to BDT 182500 per year. The economic effect of drug addiction includes not only cost of the drug itself, but the person’s health care expenses, lost efficiency, and other impacts on society such as criminal offences and incidents. The patterns and cost of drug addiction were investigated among 1145 drug abusers, some were admitted to a drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka.