We are involoved in drug addiction treatment at dhaka since 2006. Since then our experience with the middle class people were tragic. So We decided to start a drug addiction treatment center , so middle class peopole can effort an evidence based solution for drug addiction treatment in Dhaka The Treatment & Recovery intensive program is 12 Step oriented, with CBT, Yoga, meditation and counseling, expert medical and psychiatric inputs including relapse prevention, follow-ups and awareness program. Our principles have been evolved over the years, based on evidence-based practices and experiences.

Team of Drug Addiction Treatment in Dhaka

Habibur Rahman

Founder and Chairman
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Life Management Guide

Habibur Rahman has taken initiative and challenge to lead the team of addiction professionals at Fair Haven drug addiction treatment center. Throughout his career, he gathered experiences from working in many multi-national organizations in Bangladesh and abroad

Hasibur Rahman Shimul

Head of Program
  • Case Analysis
  • Treatment Plan

Shimul plans the program by analysing the case study for indivizual clients monitors their journey in both residential drug addiction treatment and after care

Rehanul Islam

MBBS, MD(Psychiatry)
  • Psychiatry
  • Dual Daignosis

Rehanul Islam is our psychiatrist who deals with psyciatric cases in the facility and for outpaitients also, he also performs family counseling sessions as per necessity

Dr.Abul hasnat Real

Senior Medical Officer
  • Physical Medicine
  • Withdrawal Management

Dr. Real works with withdrawal management and detoxification, He is the in-charge of primary medical care of a client when he enters our drug addiction treatment center

Mir Mohammad Riajuddin

Head of Accounts
  • UTC Training
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy

Reaj completed his Masters in Business Administration, MBA with finance Major from a reputed university, He also completed the United Training Curriculam for addiction professionals

Mohammad Shumon

Visiting Counselor
  • Addiction Counselor
  • Recovery Coach

Sumon performs the one-to-one counselling in Fair Haven Drug Addiction Treatment Facility, Usually he participates for 10-15 sessions per client in residential treatment and after care phase

Arifur Rahman Shaheen

  • UTC Training
  • Addiction Counseling

Shahin acts as counselor and motivator for the clients and their family, he also performs regular in-house training in the latest happening of drug addiction treatment for the staffs