Our Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Fair Haven’s Residential treatment and rehabilitation allows care 24 hours a day in non-hospital based settings. The most well known drug addiction treatment model is the therapeutic community (TC) reliant on various aspects of real life events. The program is proposed to treat drugs and alcohol abuse related issues with duration of 4 months in our facility. This treatment program is based on the "re-socialization" of the individual. We use the program’s (TC) entire population including other patients, follow-up patients, volunteers, staff, and the social apparatus as powerful fragments of treatment. We view the disease of addiction with an angle to an individual's social and psychological deficiencies, and treatment focuses on developing responsibility as one may have in his personal or socially productive live.

The treatment environment is very much controlled; our treatment process is designed to help patients look at their harmful way of life, self-interest and devastating patterns of their previous activities. Then help them adopt new, more well-balanced and positive ways to be integrated with their lives.

Individualized drug counseling not simply highlight on reducing or stopping drugs or alcohol abuse, it furthermore addresses related zones of incapacitated working, for instance, business status, criminal conduct, and family/social relations as well as bringing more participation on drug addiction treatment activities. Individualized guiding empowers the patient to make adjusting methods and use techniques to avoid drugs and alcohol using and take care of his clean journey.

Know the phases of Drug Addiction Treatment

We follow an evidence based model for our drug addiction treatment. Lets give you a tour about what we do

Orientation and Withdrawal Management

This phase starts when a new patient admits to our treatment center. Withdrawal manangement is the most sensetive phase in drug addiction treatment process. It became more important as CCOVID-19 (corona virus) pandemic hit us very badly. We adjusted our withdrawal management to cope up with the pandemic. The phase is compulsury for fourteen (14) days for all patients and can be extended as drug detoxification time varies for individuals. Following are the steps we take when a new patient comes to our facility.

  • The patient gets disinfected with hand and body sanitizers
  • Our medical team does a thorough check-up
  • Case history for drug abuse and long terem illness are noted and preventive measures are advised by the medical officer
  • The patient is taken to the isolation facility
  • The patient is supervised 24/7 by our experienced medical team in a non-hospital setup
  • Physical checkup done in regular basis

Primary Treatment

After a patient's drug detoxification and orientation is done the medical officer clarifies him to be transfared to the Theraputic Community(TC). Each patient is now treated as a group member of our TC program under the direct supervision of a case manager and an indivisual counselor. This primary treatment consists of ninety(90) days. Here a patient is kept in a virtual world, The TC members(patients, staff) is the society, everyone has a role to play to live in this community. he is rewarded for his good deeds, a mild confrontration method is used for his bad deeds. Every group member of a community is responsible for their living in this phase as in the real world. There are regular sessions for identifying different problems that gave impulse to their addiction and learn the techniques to cope up with them. Following are the key features of our Primary Treatment

  • Regular Learning Session conducted by trained professional
  • Resular one-to-one session with case manager
  • Indivisual counseling session
  • Learning Theraputic Community Values
  • Recreation Sessions(Movies, Indoor Games, Library)
  • Celebrating every social, religious and recovery events(We arrange indoor celebration like drama, music shows, quiz contest fopllowed by a feast)
  • Physical checkup done in regular basis


A patients primary treatment consists of ninety days. After learning to cope up with addiction symptoms and addictive disorders, it is the time to test the skills in real life with continuous monitoring. After the patient completes his time in primary treatment, he usually gets a leave of two-three days to visit his family. The treatment aftermath is called Follow-up. In this phase of drug addiction treatment, a patient gets ready to face the real world with some added responsibility to his community in our treatment facility

  • Indivisual counseling session
  • Direct supervision of case manager
  • Regular outing time(proveked due to COVID -19)
  • Responsible position in Theraputic Community
  • Regular Leaves for family visit
  • Introduction to outside recovery community